Replacement Microchip Tag

Regular price $20.00

To order, you must include your dog's name and RAGOM number in the Gift Message window. We will order the microchip number that we have on file for your dog.

Note: Although the AKC microchip tag is pictured, you will receive a replacement tag from the manufacturer of your dog's chip, i.e. Home Again, 24/7 Petwatch, etc. These tags may be plastic and otherwise different in appearance from the AKC tag.

If your dog goes missing, you'll want him returned right away. Make sure he's wearing a tag with his microchip number, so he won't even need to be scanned. The AKC replacement tag is made of sturdy brushed stainless steel, with the logo on the front and your dog's microchip number engraved on the back.

Included with your order is a free RAGOM tag engraved with our 24/7 hotline number. There's no quicker way home!.